Installing a Pool?

Our professionals can help rebuild your existing sprinkler system to accomodate new additions to your home or lawn.


Let us program your sprinkler system to keep your lawn green while meeting the mandatory watering restrictions for your neighborhood. We can also install rain sensors to keep your system from running during a rain shower.

Repair Service Calls $95/hr
Our technicians can repair broken pipes, sprinkler heads, or diagnose any problems your system may have. We dispatch a two-man team for every job to ensure speedy service at a reasonable rate.  
Estimates Free
Speak with our professionals about designing a sprinkler system to fit your specific needs. Different parts of your lawn may require different levels of saturation depending on the shade and vegetation. We strive to design the most effecient system.  



Agua Irrigation is here for your on-site repairs or your scheduled checkups. We offer routine monthly and quarterly system checks to keep your sprinklers in working condition. Preventative maintenance keeps you worry-free.


Irrigation in Texas is regulated by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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